Amy J. West Photography | About

Amy J. West is a Boston photographer whose subjects include architecture, landscapes, whimsy, and industrial abstraction. She is fascinated by shapes and the intersection of lines: with the same materials, humans are capable of an amazing range of structural possibilities from sculpture to skyscrapers; old to new; advertisement to achievement.  Although these are familiar, permanent objects, Amy strives to find an unusual perspective – an angle, a shadow, a reflection or glint of sunlight – to evoke a distinct and fleeting moment in time.

Photography has always been part of Amy’s life. She took her first photos on a hand-me-down Brownie box camera at the age of five.  Her father, also self-taught, helped her to develop an eye for color, shadow, and composition. She has experimented with Polaroid, 110, 35mm, and digital photography.    

Most recently, Amy’s work was shown at Roslindale Open Studios. Her photographs have appeared in Bay Windows, the Boston Globe, the Boston Metro, the Dorchester Reporter, the Somerville Journal, the Weekly Dig, the West Roxbury Transcript, and on a variety of websites.  


Looking for more of Amy's work? You can also find her on Etsy and Flickr.


Photo credit: Leise Jones Photography